There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about mental health out there. These stories address some of the dangerous and troubling beliefs about different conditions, and explore what it's really like to experience mental health problems.  

Psychologists teach damaging stereotypes of people with BPD

August 30, 2017

To me, life with a diagnosed personality disorder is a wrestle. That’s how I’d describe it to others. It’s a wrestle, but the key opponent is me. I am officially my own worst enemy, and every single day I put up a valiant attack against myself and my weaknesses – beating myself up for every shortcoming I perceive to be there and every mistake I know full well I am making, yet feel unable to stop making.

Misconceptions about psychosis: my experience

August 3, 2017

Sometimes people can misunderstand psychosis. There are so many misconceptions. People who suffer with psychosis are violent, unpredictable and the most debilitating assumption of all, they can never recover.

I would like to challenge these stereotypes by telling my story. I come from a difficult background and have a long history of mental health difficulty. By my late teens I'd been diagnosed with many conditions namely OCD, anxiety, depression and emotionally unstable personality disorder. I'd been given more labels then Tesco's!

Bipolar is an illness, not a personality

July 12, 2017

I’m Jade, I am 26 and I have bipolar type 2.

I am NOT Bipolar, but I live with bipolar.

It is a strange thing that seems to occur in our society ‘do you know that this person is bipolar?’ What?? They are the embodiment of a whole illness? Great news, at least we have now isolated it to one person, wait what? There’s another person that is also bipolar? NO! Just flat out no, we do not suddenly lose our identity at the diagnosis of a mental health problem.