October 22, 2015

As part of our #smallthings campaign, Gary recorded a video blog and talked about the small things his family do to help with his mental health. Check it out:


Hi guys, my name is Gary. I just want to tell you a little bit about one of the small things that somebody important in my life does to help.

I suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder, I have acute anxiety and depression. One of the “joys” of PTSD is the flashbacks and the nightmares. I was diagnosed in 2010 but it stems from an incident in 2008 when I was quite seriously ill. I didn’t cope with it very well: I didn’t cope with it very well physically, and I didn’t cope with it very well mentally.  It was a massive change to my lifestyle and how I lived, and the impact of that has been felt to this day.

One thing my wife and my baby son – well, he’s not a baby any more – do is that they treat me perfectly normally. When I’m having a rough time, when I’m in a dark place, they don’t smother me, they don’t wrap me in cotton wool, they don’t patronise me – they just love me for who I am, and what I’m going through. That might sound like a small thing, but it’s a massive, massive improvement – it’s a massive help to me. Their love and their support to just get me through and just treat it like a normal day brings me out of that and it’s a massive help.

If you want to find out any of the small things you can do to support someone you know, just visit the Time to Change website. All the links (points down) are down there.


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