January 20, 2009

My name is Margaret, and I receive treatment and support from the Mental Health services from where I live. I don't know how everyone else likes to be known, but I have no problem at all calling myself a service user.

As for many years that has always been, and Yeah, lots of times in my past, I lost any dignity I owned and there were times when I felt "drugged up" to my eyeballs, but today is where I am and where I enjoy to be.

My present is too full of life I can make for myself, and like any history, I will leave it there. I bet though, there are some of you that will agree with me, there always comes a time, either walking round a corner or in front of you, sly comments, such as, skitso, mad, crazy. It does hurt, and some days deepens your depression, and makes your voices louder. But do you also agree that the ignorant always want to be heard and think "it won't happen to them". We may at some point be sharing a waiting room in the Psychiatrists appointment list, as he or she has lost their employment and are suffering from depression.

The Royal Family has been front news in our newspapers recently for Race Discrimination. We are the quiet, polite people that need to say on our local paper headlines, STOP DISCRIMINATION OF MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS. We don't want and need the torment when going out for a pint of milk in the morning , or trying to have a good day.

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