An occasional twinge in your knee to an ongoing heart problem: dispelling mental health myths in the workplace

Grant project blog about dispelling mental health myths in the workplaceIt may seem that the title could not be much further from a blog about mental health, but I am part of a project that wants people to start bringing them together.

Dispelling mental health myths in the workplace

I currently volunteer with Brighton and Hove's Mind on a project in association with Time to Change - 'Dispelling Mental Health Myths in the Workplace'. Myself, and other volunteers who have experiences of mental health issues are visiting businesses with an aim to get people talking. 'Simples', as a furry meerkat who likes to wear dressing gowns would say.

Well, it sounds simple, but due to the continuing stigma and discrimination which is wrongly coupled with having a mental health issue, talking about the subject can suddenly seem as daunting as getting naked in front of a large room of judgmental people.
'Will they stop speaking to me if they don't like what they see?', 'Will they laugh?', 'I don't want to feel, or be treated any differently'.
These are the worries that we want to try and eradicate by dispelling some of the myths that people hold about others who experience mental health problems.

The more honest and open I was, the more people told me they felt the same

I personally had a brilliant experience when I became open with my manager about my increasing anxiety issues. This, in turn, positively 'spread the love' around the entire workplace (although small) where I found that the more honest and open I was, the more people felt that they could tell me 'I've felt the same!'. However, this is sadly not the experience of many others who are having troubles in dealing with their mental health.

My message, and the one which is shared by all of the volunteers involved with the project, is to talk. Talk about mental health. Ask someone how they are. Talk to people about their mental health just as you would about their broken leg, arthritis or cancer.

Our health and well-being is one large multi-sectional ball that we all carry around with us and deal with every day. It should not be split into two categories with one being 'scary' and the other involved in typical 'tea time chat'. Having a mental health problem does not make you an alien who might explode at any time.

Ask somebody how they are today. As cliche as it sounds, It really can change their life.

What do you think about the issues raised in this blog?

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Myths about mental health in the workplace

I have had depression on and off for as long as I can remember, I've been on medication on and of since I was 15, I'm now 51. Luckily I've never been unemployed but I know my condition has contributed to my inability to reach my fullest potential. After a particularly long illness this time and suffering in silence and knowing my work was suffering I came out to my bosses (I've had 4 in the last 4 years). I now chair a disability group and talk about M/H. I know I have been treated less favourably and with some suspicion. I also feel more vulnerable, but I wouldn't change a thing. The more we talk the more effectively we can change attitudes.

comming out with it.

Iam due to go to the doctors today to get help. This year i have had cold after cold,feel like av been hit by a truck,no energy,insomnia then sleeping all day and completly missing shifts at work. Restless,staring into space and loosing track of what am doing also sighing a hell of a lot and bursting into tears. Today i get help and hope to get signed off work till i get my head together. Today iam going on the journey to try my hardest to get better and get my life back.x

Help is out there

I hope you made it to the doctors, and that you can now see a better future (or at least the chance for one). I've just started the same journey myself.

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