August 15, 2013

AliceAlthough I live with a mental illness called schizophrenia, I have been extremely fortunate that I have been blessed with such an amazing group of friends. I have also been able to rely on, at times, extreme generosity and kindness from strangers in some of my most difficult times.

One of the things that all these people have shared in common was their ability to listen and to stay in touch even when I am at my most unwell.

When I was at my most poorly, I was having an extremely difficult time, both seeing things that weren’t there and hearing intrusive voices that were extremely upsetting. At the time some of my friends found it difficult to be around me, perhaps because they didn’t understand what was happening to me and perhaps were frightened.

However, some people in my life were absolutely incredible, listening to me, not defining me by my illness and waiting for me patiently day by day to get better. One of these people was my best friend Tristan. Despite the fact that I was acutely unwell, Tristan and his partner Dave kept in touch with me every day in some way or other. They would phone or text every day and even when I was too unwell to speak to them would phone my mum to find out how I was doing and she would let me know so that I felt connected to my friends in some way even in my most difficult hours.

Another friend made the effort to drive an hour to visit me in hospital and bring a card despite the fact that, she was terrified of driving at night and that it was the middle of winter and bitterly cold. When she arrived she was brilliant and I was so pleased to see her. She didn’t just focus on my situation at the time and my mental illness but kept me up to date with all the latest news from other friends and family and helped me stay in touch with everyone.

Since recovery from my last bout of psychosis, I have found even people I don’t know have been surprisingly supportive. I have been relatively open with people when I find it appropriate. I tell them that I have a mental illness because I believe that this challenges stigma and may help others in the future in a similar situation. The number of people who have then felt able to share their own experiences of mental illness with me has pleasantly surprised me. This has helped me feel able to contribute to other people’s well being.

When I was at my most unwell, it was hard to believe that I would ever recover but, with the help of friends and the kindness of people I don’t even know, I have managed to become re-connected with the world and I will be forever grateful to those who helped. I would recommend to anyone that if they have a family member or friend experiencing a mental illness that they can stay in touch in some way. Whether through calling, texting emailing and showing that the person who is ill is valued and cared about. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic gesture it is the little things like staying in touch that often helps the most.

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Great blog

Great to see someone with schizophrenia blogging on here. Its a difficult diagnosis for others to accept so to 'hear' you 'talking' is fantastic. Sounds like you have some great friends, and very glad you have felt able to share you experiences with them here. Its often hard to make and keep friends for people with schizophrenia, so its really good to know that the young people around you are prepared to weather the storm alongside you. I hope more people like yourself will be brave enough to come forward and tell their stories, as they can be so inspiring. Well done _Alice_

Part of the community

Its good to have freinds who dont look down on a MH sufferer. All people in my local community know i have mental health issues and i am accepted to be part of that community. What makes me smile is when someone admits that the may have mental health problems and to sit down and talk lifts the spirits of both of us.

Keep telling your story

It is so important that brave people tell their story. Our view of schizophrenia should not be shaped by Hollywood. The fear and misunderstanding disappear when people like you share their stories and their lovely personalities. I look forward to hearing to hearing more from you.

My blogger

I find these stories really interesting, I just started a new blog on Blog spot the other day and I really want to have people engage in a discussion or even just to know that people are reading would really help. I don't think I have a mental illness... but this blog is opening up something I've kept shut for a long time Please read?


Good Website

coping with schizophrenia

I have discovered that writing or any form of artistic expression is a very good coping mechanism for schizophrenia, i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 15 years ago and in that time i have had a book of poetry published and i have written a play and i have just started writing a novel, these pieces of literature are all based around my illness, occupying my mind in this way has been a great boost to my self moral, at a few stages in my illness i really thought that the world was against me but now i feel that i am actually useful as a writer, my book is on Amazon and if anyone is interested it has a look inside feature, i write under the pen name 'Penfold Dax' and my goal is to highlight mental health issues through my art, i want to show through my work that people with mental health problems are just the same as everyone else, "what is normal", my book of poetry is called 'An extraordinarily quirky anthology of the uncanny and rum-The random musings and observations from a Schizophrenic mind', i wish to encourage other sufferers to never give up and learn all you can to both receive help but most of all to learn to help have the power to do this.


I really enjoyed this post, Alice. I've also been blessed with kind and supportive friends who have stayed with me through the bad times. Good luck to you in all you do x

Mental illness

My nephew has paranoid sczophrenia he was diagnosed two years ago he is tall handsome , his name is Anthony this is his story. He got involved with his church very outgoing but he stopped taking meds two months, he started pacing, he lives with his mom. This episode was the worst he went missing I was beside myself got the news early morning he jumped in the river I thought he was gone this is the worst ill never give up loving and encouraging anthony. It's not his fault he has a sickness like heart disease diabetes I think mental illness is a stigma anthony is smart handsome and bright

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