January 14, 2009

Robert has had Bipolar Disorder since he was nineteen. His family desperately tried to help - but shame and embarrassment about mental illness always made talking difficult. He had depression for over a decade. And despairing of a normal existence, he nearly ended his life.

After his family rallied around, Robert eventually got the right treatment - and he's now made a full recovery. Over the years, Robert has had to put up with discrimination because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. He's been rejected for job interviews, suffered bullying at work and is even barred from serving on a jury. But the worst thing has been people's ignorance and not feeling able to be open about his illness.

Robert now works in Public Relations, he's married with a young family and enjoys a full and active life. He no longer wants to live a 'secret life', hiding his illness from people. As Robert says: "Why should I be ashamed? Your mental health shouldn't be any different from a broken leg."

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