September 26, 2013

Today saw a massive win for people campaigning to end mental health discrimination!

After the shock of seeing major supermarkets stocking an offensive 'mental patient' fancy dress costume, people took to social media to show the world what a #mentalpatient really looks like, using humour and positivity.

A big thanks to everyone who tweeted and Facebook messaged us with their photos, helping to raise awareness of mental health issues. This public outcry resulted in the costume being removed from sale at Asda and Tesco, helping people to understand that people with mental health problems are not only *like* you and me, they *are* you and me.

Take a look at some of the day's events:


It's been a busy day for Time to Change in the media. Listen to our director Sue Baker speaking on Radio 4's Today programme this morning:  and on BBC 5live too.

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