John, October 7, 2020

I always felt that if I spoke about how I felt, I would be laughed at, or look weak.


John has borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder and OCD, as well as experiencing panic disorder, anxiety and depression. John was also born with Klinefelter syndrome, and has an extra X chromosome, which is where they believes their depression and anxiety stems from.

Misconceptions around their diagnoses meant that John faced stigma from friends, family, and even on social media, which deterred them from speaking out earlier in life. Experiences of bullying, abuse and domestic violence have also affected John’s ability to talk about their mental health.  

However, over the past year, John has been speaking at universities and workplaces, sharing their story to help raise awareness and end the stigma.

This World Mental Health Day, John shares why being able to speak openly about mental health is so important.



For all the progress we've made, lots of experiences have been left out of the 'mental health conversation'. Too often, mental health stigma continues to leave people feeling isolated and ashamed. That's why we're calling on everyone to open up to mental health this World Mental Health Day, and listen to people's experiences. 

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Too many people are made to feel ashamed. By sharing your story, you can help spread knowledge and perspective about mental illness that could change the way people think about it.