October 2, 2014

You don't have to speak to talk about mental health - writing, poetry, art, music are all good ways to tell people what it's like to have a mental health condition and why we should end the stigma. Sophie talks about how writing poetry helps her to cope with her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder:

I have borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety.  I have found writing poetry an excellent way of coping and, without it, I don’t know where I would be. I still struggle but I always have my writing to fall back on. It’s all about releasing the intense emotions. I find getting it down on paper stops it from spiralling out of control in my head. It is a good way of coping. I'd like to think that my poetry helps to inspire others to speak out about mental health. I also find that tearing up newspapers etc can be a great form of release.

Writing is improving my mental wellbeing 

Borderline personality disorder consists of a wide range of symptoms. My struggles have been long, and are still ongoing but by writing it is improving my mental wellbeing. I’m glad that I know now what I’m struggling with and I’m glad that I now know what I personally struggle with. BPD is one of the hardest illnesses to recover from but with therapy and/or medication it can become manageable. I hope that others are able to manage this condition.

Sophie's Poem 

Music in my ears hits hard against the pavements,

Children spinning sparklers,

The smothering drops hit hard against my head,

Hypnotising you with its envious eyes,

Desperate to destroy you,

Yet peaceful patters on my forehead,

Swirling, whirling in sudden symphony,

Flooding your brain like icicles,

Drenching you with its soft pecks,

Damp in your welly boots,

The water sprints hard on me,

Miserable yet soothing softly on my shoulder,

The raindrops drizzle on the windows,

The clouds burst with the bucketing torrent,

The clouds shed droplets as I slowly fall to sleep.


With your bewitching stare, I see you my dear,

Your captivating eyes stare daggers at me,

For I am haunted by your hypnotic allure,

You consume me and tantalize me with this maddening spell.


Your sweet beauty I cherish,

Hold me in your arms and love me tenderly,

Treasure me with deep devotion,

For I idolise and worship you,

You are the queen of Sheba.


I am dominated by the love in your eyes,

My fascination begins,

Seduce me with every inch of your body,

You coax me in with warming smile,

Take me on and I will forever be your slave.


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