, May 26, 2016

Sophie and Abbie both lost family members to suicide, and in this video they talk about their experience of the stigma around suicide and mental illness, how it has affected them, and how they would like to see a more open and supportive attitude to mental health.

Watch their video:

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Well Done

Hi Sophie & Abbie. This is a brilliant little Vlog and you should both be very proud of yourselves. As a man I find it very hard to speak out sometimes about my mental health. All the best for your site and I am sure your mum and brother are incredibly proud also. Keep raising the flag... you never know how much difference you can make in people's lives until you try Xx

Thanks Jamie

Hi Jamie, Thank you so much for your comment - sorry we hadn't replied sooner. We appreciate your support and we have had some touching feedback along the way, we've now turned it into a facebook page to put it all in one place, which you can search under SuicideTabooAndLifeWithoutYou as well as our vlogs. We can imagine ho hard it is to speak out and especially with all the stigma around men in particular but we need and are graetful for people like you who courageously are doing it. We agree, thanks Jamie.

Suicide video (abbey and Sophie's vlog)

A brave attempt both of you - I would add that like the fairy tale you have to be prepared to "kiss a lot of frogs" before someone appears - I was not surprised, but saddened by how fast some of my friends ( peope I had known for decades) distanced themselves from me after I started to talk - ironically some people I came into contact with in care work have been far better. Still in a bad place - but still here

Thank you Keith

Hi Keith, thanks for your comment, sorry to hear that. It is a tough experience . We have found that although in the beginning when Abbie opens up, people don't often understand, that there is strength in numbers. Some people are gradually learning and trying to be supportive and if some friends and family can help with that conversation it supports the person suffering and speaking out. Peer support can also be really useful - speaking to others with lived experience. Sorry to hear you are in a bad place but glad you are here.

Good Job

This is a great job done by you both. Sophie & Abbie you both have intended a brave task. I really want to thank you from deep of my heart.

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