Even if they had not heard of PTSD it would be nice just to feel like I do not need to prepare myself a defence against presumptions or prejudice. I am still the person I was a minute ago before I told you. (Nervous Comics)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: illustrating my experience

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Personal blogs about living with post traumatic stress disorder

The following blog posts are written by people with personal experience of post traumatic stress disorder. By talking openly, our bloggers hope to increase understanding around mental health, break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that – like physical health – affects us all.

Find out more about post traumatic stress disorder from Mind and the NHS.

Living with PTSD: a war within

November 16, 2012

"Normal people experiencing a normal reaction to an abnormal situation."

This quote was taken from one of my subjects when attempting to explain to me how he wanted people to see him as a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For the last eighteen months I have been trying to unpick away at the truth behind the front pages. As a documentary photographer it is my job to produce documents as an observer to record and report on the world around me. The project’s aim was to give voice to the voiceless and make the realities of PTSD accessible to everyone.