World Mental Health Day

When my OCD is bad, my friends and family are incredible

My experience of mental health, much like my condition itself, runs to two extremes. 

I first realised that I wasn't 'normal' when I was at primary school, things that didn't bother other kids would send me into an absolute meltdown. A small change like a supply teacher for the day would completely throw me.

Secondary school was even worse. I was bullied for five years and the experience still dictates my feelings about myself and my view of the world to this day. 

We need more mental health awareness and education to change attitudes

Hello lovelies. My name is Katie Ellen and I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. However, I wasn't professionally diagnosed until my late teens and this is mainly because I was scared. Scared to open up, scared of the truth and most of all scared of the stigma that comes with being ‘mentally ill’.


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