September 15, 2017

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We as people are social beings; we require and need human contact as part of our survival. I have suffered with severe depression and anxiety for seven years and often when you are in the most need for help, love and support, you isolate yourself from the world and avoid human contact. You can push the ones you love away, either by not speaking to them at all, or by taking your emotions out on them.

Going through college, I had the most wonderful group of friends who supported me after I came out of hospital and started therapy. We’ve all grown up and it’s harder for us to stay in touch now, but each and every one of those people will always make up a part of who I am today. I eternally thank them for everything they did to make sure I stayed smiling - honestly and truly. They stood in the dark corner with me and brought me light.

Since I started university, I met one of my greatest friends, not too long ago, who has been my light at the end of every dark and gloomy tunnel – and I hers. We have both suffered within. We have both had to battle our demons. But since knowing each other, we have not had to do this alone. We have supported each other through and through - I hope she realises how thankful I am for her friendship.

It can seem rare that you meet someone who truly does not judge what you do, what you say or who you are. I can whisper my darkest thought to her and know she will not make any judgment – she will simply listen and help me to battle this dark thought. I can scream and cry and shout and she will sit and listen until I’m calm. It is truly refreshing to have her as a friend in my life.

We are two of the same but also very different. When life gets me truly down, as much as I may not want to speak to anyone, she is always there at the other end of the phone, a train journey away - she will always support me.

When I was feeling low and had no money she supported me so I could go home and see friendly faces to feel better – and it helped. She knows what to say and do to make me smile again. Every time.

I could not imagine my life without this friend. There are many kind people in the world and I am truly fortunate to have a perfect handful in my life. She gives me encouragement every day.

Every day we ask each other ‘how are you today?’

Ask the people in your life how they are feeling today. It can mean so much to a person who thinks the world does not care. Four little words can make a big difference.

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