September 25, 2013

Patience and understanding can turn the darkness into lightA few weeks a go there was a social event that I wanted to attend but knew it would be a difficult situation, thankfully, my partner being aware of some of the problems made things much easier.

When first arriving at the event it meant walking into a room already full of people and while there are times when this isn't an issue, other times like on this occasion, it was.

All of a sudden child and older alter personalities were coming forward internally, each with their own issues, for example - 'I can't walk in there I'm too ugly', 'everyone is going to laugh at me', 'people in there will hurt me', 'people will see how bad I am' and at those times the instinct is to run but in this situation that couldn't happen.

Because my partner knows that at times there is a lot of fear he understands that things are difficult and he was able to talk to me and reassure me that everything would be ok. It makes a whole world of difference having someone there who is understanding and patient.

My partner isn't an expert in Dissociative Identity Disorder and the mental health issues that come with it, he doesn't need to be. You don't need to be an expert in mental health to be able to support someone. Letting someone know you care and showing patience and understanding can impact hugely on a person's life and help them get through the day.

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