February 5, 2015

As part of Time to Talk Day 2015 we asked Time to Change Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Champions and Bloggers to #Take5ToBlog. 24 of those blogs will be released over 24 hours on 5 February, in addition to 'collective quotation blogs' - Support from Friends and Support from Family, using a new Take 5 To Blog category

This 'collective quotation' blog features quotations from people who stated they derived support from carers, counsellors, religion and many other sources. 

My name is .... and I have experienced....

​Lyndsay  - Hi, I'm Lyndsay and I have experienced bipolar disorder.



Julie - I suffer depression, anxiety, have OCD and panic attacks.

Amber - I have experienced and still am going through depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder


My mental illness has affected my ......

Sarah-Louise - My mental illness has affected my life because anxiety became so bad it stopped me going out which meant I had to leave my job - because I wasn't getting out I developed agoraphobia which I am slowly recovering from.

My greatest source of support has been...

Sian - My greatest source of support have been the counsellors I have seen over the years, and their ability to help me analyse my thoughts and feel better about myself.

My hope for the future is that...

Joy Sarah - My hope for the future is that personality disorders will be better understood by the public and professionals alike - it is a very difficult thing to explain to others and people suffering are not always looked upon favourably.

I’m taking 5 on Time to Talk Day because....

Alice - I'm taking 5 on Time to Talk Day because I refuse to struggle in silence, if more of us talk then eventually it will become "normal" - whatever that means - and there will be no more discrimination or stigma.


Hina -  I am taking 5 on Time to Talk Day because I want to play my part in raising awareness about this issue and to let others facing this that they are not alone

This blog is part of the Time to Talk Day 2015 #Take5ToBlog initiative. 

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