November 10, 2016

Remember to listen, because sometimes that is all it takes.  Say to yourself, "I will help those who need it, because this is real"

Normally stuff like this is written by a doctor or someone that has the ability to tell you with fancy words what anxiety and depression are, and how it affects one functionality to preform daily tasks.

So if that is what you are looking for you will be sadly disappointed. As this is not about the theory of it but the reality. I am just your regular and average guy who works a retail job that struggles to get by.

However, I believe that sitting here as I am writing this it will help myself and others deal with anxiety and depression. Mental health issues are like the biggest black sheep in the world. But even though they may be the biggest, they are the hardest to see and to hear because they roar like a lion through the lives of millions. 

Ninety percent of us as humans, if we saw someone laying in the street holding their arm because they fell of their bike, or may have just missed the extra inch it took to step up onto the curb, would rush over to help them, assist them to the next steps of recovery. So why is it that when people are feeling alone, or they cry for no reason, or we see a decline in their personal happiness, we just stand by? We are all guilty of this, some not so much, but the same people who'd help the person with an injury we can see might not be the first to respond to a situation that is less obvious.

The things we can't see are the things that are the hardest to believe in. But the ailments we can't see can be the most destructive and painful that one may ever endure.

I guarantee that this applies to someone that you love, know as a neighbour, or a stranger that you sat next to on the bus, or the lady who was ahead of you in the grocery store. People are quick to judge and assume someone is weak because they seem like they have given up, or because they see all of the good in that persons life, which in turn causes anger because you'd think they be better.

We'll guess what? They do know all of this, they see it the same way we do. But when someone is battling with why they deserve to be on this earth, why they should get out of bed, or what's going to go wrong as soon as they open their eyes, they are now in defence/survival mode.

This may cause them to push all of those positives away. Including loved ones. I am not saying that when they do this it won't hurt your feelings because it sure as hell does. But we have to look past that, because if we drop our emotional hurt on them, that just gives them more to worry about. Which does not help the situation.

We need to let them know we are there for them. Help them with little things that may seem to be hard for them to accomplish such as dirty dishes that have piled up, laundry that needs to be done or put away.

These are things that they notice and will help take some stress away. Remember they are overwhelmed by EVERYTHING. They care about us, and love us but at the same time want to hide under their blankets. Lay in the dark and cry. You feel like it's so hard for you to connect, but in reality it's a million times harder for them to gather the strength and face their demons and fears.

But not all people who have these issue act the same. Some will act like the above along with the following ways such as : feeling trapped, look for negative things to help cope with how they are feeling.

I am not sharing this because I want to be heard but because I want those who read this to think more carefully about the loved ones in your life, may it be a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, or someone that you see randomly. In a non-aggressive way, we can all spark a light for change.

Because there are times I am that person who feels like I am drowning and there is no way to surface. But on the same token, I have been that person who doesn't understand and let my hurt from not understanding burden the one that needs help the most.

So again, if this subject hits home with you step back and say to yourself, "I will help those who need it, because this is real". And if you are going through anxiety and depression, you are not crazy, you are loved, beautiful and just as important as anyone else in the world.

Remember to be brave, love one another that much more, and listen, because sometimes that is all it takes.

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