May 13, 2015

Hi everyone, Tiger here. I wanted to bring you up to date with what’s been happening with me and my mum since my first blog. Tiger's blog

I am now 22 weeks old, and I grow bigger every day (mum says), and we have just graduated from puppy training class, and start the next level with a new trainer next week.

My mum's best friend and I supported and consoled her

Enough about me for a moment, let me bring you up-to-date with how my mum’s doing. Since my last blog she has had to endure a consultation process at work, having found out that her job role was being made redundant. This has involved lots of very stressful meeting at work, but mum’s best friend was in the meetings to support her, take notes and call breaks as necessary. Then when she got home it was up to me to console mum in the way only a cute puppy can, lots of puppy cuddles and kisses and cavorting round the floor with some thing in my mouth I shouldn’t have (usually shoes, socks or paper (I’ve seen the Andrex puppy get away with it – why can’t I?)).

Since accepting redundancy mum has been quite upset as there was a vacancy suitable for her, leaving her feeling that they just wanted her out because of her mental health issues.

Mum has found great strength from online communities

With a lot of negatives going on at the moment mum is actually doing better than expected, she has just started CBT and is finding great strength from what she calls her “Elefriends”. I can’t see anyone on the telly-thing she’s using but she assures me they’re there. Mum has found it reassuring to find out from Elefriends that she’s not alone in the symptoms, thoughts and feelings that she has been experiencing, and apparently I have quite a lot of fans amongst Ele’s too.

Mum is finding ways to remember to do things, leaving little notes on cupboards (which I have resisted the temptation to eat – especially the one for my mid-morning snack!) She also leaves tops off things like toothpaste & deodorant when she’s used them, then puts the tops back on last thing at night ready to use in the morning, this doesn’t always work (I’ve has deodorant up my nose twice in one day several times – guess I should learn to keep my nose out, but I’m a puppy, it’s in the job description!)

Mum's learning to control her anxiety

As I mentioned at the start we passed puppy class (just – I was a bit naughty on the day, it was hot and I wanted to lay in the sun). Mum did manage to keep her anxiety under control thanks to a breathing techniques she’s learned at CBT. All the puppies owners in our class passed so we move up all together, and as only have our new trainer to meet next week, hopefully mum won’t get to anxious.

‘Til next time, sending you all best wishes sloppy kisses – Tiger (and Mum)

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