February 5, 2015

My name is Nadene (Nadz to my friends) and I have experienced severe post natal depression and bouts of mild depression through my life. 

My mental illness very nearly cost me everything, as I attempted to take my own life on many occasions - it also meant that I missed out on nearly a year of my children's lives while I was in and out of specialist units being treated for it.

My greatest source of support was my husband, who never gave up on me, no matter how hard it was: I was very lucky to have such fantastic support from my family and friends and was one of the fortunate ones who got the specialist help I needed very quickly.

My hopes for the future are that I can give back to others some of what I was so lucky to receive and that there are not millions of people out there who just don't get the help/support/treatment that they need.

I'm taking 5 on Time to Talk Day because, although my illness was only a temporary one, it has widened my understanding of mental health and given me the opportunity to find out so much more about it in general. I am not afraid to admit that I suffered with a mental illness (I talk about it a lot in my day-to-day life) and I would love to see a world where no-one has to be, either.

This blog is part of the Time to Talk Day 2015 #Take5ToBlog initiative. 

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