These blogs are written by people with personal experience of mental illness. They review and reflect on some of the ways mental health has been portrayed in the media, including TV episodes and newspaper articles.

The way mental illness is portrayed and reported in the media is incredibly powerful in educating and influencing the public. Our Media Advisory Service works with journalists, script writers and other media professionals to help ensure fictional and factual portrayals of people with mental health problems in the media are accurate and sensitive.

By writing about their own experiences and their reactions to these portrayals, these bloggers raise awareness of the different attitudes they have encountered to their mental health and how the media can help shape these attitudes. Pledge to help end mental health stigma today >>

Talking about mental health in the media: entertainment and reality TV

October 9, 2013

EmmaTime to change host a series of events for media professionals that focus on best practice, encourage debate and support the attendees to feel confident in writing or reporting about mental health sensitively and accurately.

Here, Emma blogs about her experience volunteering at the latest event: Meet the Media event: Entertainment & Reality TV

#mentalpatient trends on Twitter as people show the real face of mental health

September 26, 2013

Today saw a massive win for people campaigning to end mental health discrimination!

After the shock of seeing major supermarkets stocking an offensive 'mental patient' fancy dress costume, people took to social media to show the world what a #mentalpatient really looks like, using humour and positivity.