February 5, 2015

My name is Emma and I have experienced anxiety and depression. Emma T's blog

My mental illness was triggered by a succession of events that occurred over a very short period of time leaving me feeling unsafe, alone and confused; it affected my life physically through panic attacks and also left me feeling emotionally drained and exhausted making my daily routine extremely difficult to cope with.

My greatest source of support was my father and friends, as well as a therapist who got to know me as me and not just a client suffering - it was a long road but I have succeeded in battling my illness and winning.

My hope for the future is that others can feel like they can ask for help without people laughing them away or discriminating against them and not have to wait long periods of time before help is offered once asked for.

I'm taking 5 on Time to Talk Day because I want people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how long it takes you can survive, just like I did.

This blog is part of the Time to Talk Day 2015 #Take5ToBlog initiative. 

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