How to be in your mate's corner

Having a mate in your corner can make all the difference when you have a mental health problem. So, if your mate is acting differently, step in. It's not hard - read these stories to see how it's done. 

Having people in my corner helped when I was suicidal

June 15, 2017

Mental health affects everyone in some way, shape or form; even the stunner behind the bar, the celeb who ‘has it all’ and ‘Bob’ next door. Problem is, you can't see it and it can be hidden - but it's still there.

I felt really low after some family issues and being a bloke from Africa, it's not something you let known. I was trying to plug my way through a number of emotions; feeling low, let down, abandoned, anxiety - you name it. I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t sleep.

Knowing people are in my corner means I don't have to hide my mental health

June 5, 2017

The first time I wanted to share how imprisoning my mental health was, I didn't really know where to start. So I decided I would make a video, not think about it too much and whatever came out, at least it would be honest. I was at a point of desperation and didn't really have much to lose. This was nearly three years ago. It was shared by multiple publications at the time, including Time to Change.