Time to Change Champions are people with lived experience of mental health problems who campaign to end mental health discrimination in their communities.

Lots of Champions choose to write about their experiences or personal stories through a blog. Blogs are a fantastic way to help tackle discrimination and challenge attitudes. Take a look a below at some of our Champions blogs.

Interested in blogging for Time to Change?

Take at look at our guidelines for blogging. If you are interested in blogging in your role as a Champion, we are particularly interested in:

  • Blogs about your role as a Champion
  • Blogs about why you became a Champion
  • How becoming a Champion has enabled you to speak out about mental health problems/speak out against stigma and discrimination

Stigma is powerless ash at my feet: How speaking out has transformed me

Join me. 

February 1998. Shell-shocked after a nervous breakdown. I receive my mental illness diagnosis. I have bipolar disorder.

On the wobbly new-born legs of a new identity. I had crossed that big fat safe line between “us” - the sane, and “them” - the mad. I was one of "them". I lost my glamorous, well paid job in the West End of London managing A list celebrities. I was Mentally Ill. For life. I was only 25.

My B and Me

I wrote this poem during a hypomanic phase stage recently. The first time I was published on the Time to Change website I was actually working in marketing and wanted to get out of the corporate world. Through sheer passion and determination I somehow landed a job within mental health services on the South Coast for Solent Mind. I was at a reflective stage in my life and I was just coming to terms with my diagnosis.

My Journey as a Time to Change Champion

When I first joined Time to Change, I had absolutely no idea just how much it would change my life; I thought I was just volunteering my time, but it turned out to be so much more than that.