Thousands of individuals have added their voices to our movement to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.

These blogs are full of great campaigning ideas and stories. They are written by people who have attended our events or have helped us campaign.

By talking about mental health they aim to break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that affects us all. Pledge to share your experience of mental health today >>

World Mental Health Day 2013

World Mental Health Day, let's talk about mental healthAs mental health continues to make the headlines, some of the most influential figures and organisations in politics and finance are joining forces with Time to Change and taking part in a number of activities to mark World Mental Health Day 2013.

Becoming a Bristol Villager

Time to Change pop up Village in BristolWell, Bristol Village where do I start…amazing weekend all round, albeit exhausting, but a rewarding exhaustion if you know what I mean! Bristol Harbour Festival has always been very well attended, figures of which have increased over the latter years.