Supporting a spouse or partner with a mental health problem can be scary and challenging - it can be tough to know what to do, or how to be helpful. These stories, by people with mental health problems and the loved ones who have supported them, could provide some useful tips and insight. 

Talking to my husband about anxiety and depression

I have severe anxiety and stress which can lead to panic attacks and depression, even culminating in non-epileptic seizures. 

From my perspective, mental illness cannot always be seen, so the people who experience it are often seen as fully functioning individuals, even when their minds are running marathons in all directions at once.  Often, I am not able to concentrate or I’m unable to finish things. With my drive, determination (stubbornness as my husband says) and the high standards I set myself, this means I become anxious and stressed very easily. 

Life with my partner who has depression and bipolar

I want to talk openly about the realities of living with and trying to support someone who is mentally ill, and what I’ve learned about mental health and stigma over the years. The stigma of mental illness isn’t just connected with those who are ill, but also to those of us on this journey with them. I live with a partner who has depression and bipolar disorder.

Even when I'm having a hard day, my family treat me completely normally

As part of our #smallthings campaign, Gary recorded a video blog and talked about the small things his family do to help with his mental health. Check it out:


Hi guys, my name is Gary. I just want to tell you a little bit about one of the small things that somebody important in my life does to help.