These blogs offer advice and tips on how to talk about mental health to friends, colleagues and family. 

They are written by people with personal experiences of mental health problems who, through talking about mental health openly, aim to break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that affects people across the country.

Small gestures made a huge difference to my recovery from depression

March 21, 2016

As many people may have noticed I have been absent from everything for the last 1 ½ years. This has not been a choice. I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression.  Although only now it was formerly diagnosed, looking back I have realized I have been experiencing it on and off fot my whole life.  Not only has this been the worst time of my life but it has also been equally as hard for friends and family, who have had to witness things I would not wish upon anyone.

Talking to my husband about anxiety and depression

March 8, 2016

I have severe anxiety and stress which can lead to panic attacks and depression, even culminating in non-epileptic seizures. 

From my perspective, mental illness cannot always be seen, so the people who experience it are often seen as fully functioning individuals, even when their minds are running marathons in all directions at once.  Often, I am not able to concentrate or I’m unable to finish things. With my drive, determination (stubbornness as my husband says) and the high standards I set myself, this means I become anxious and stressed very easily.