These blogs offer advice and tips on how to talk about mental health to friends, colleagues and family. 

They are written by people with personal experiences of mental health problems who, through talking about mental health openly, aim to break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that affects people across the country.

I've faced stigma at work, but now I'm treated with respect

December 1, 2015

I arrived at my interview for the position of Housing Support Assistant armed with a wealth of lived experience, a handful of common sense and a hint of naivety.  Before entering the mental health supported housing scheme where I was applying for a job, I knew how to employ my own mental health challenges in a positive light, and I was unshaken when it came to disclosure.

The small things show me that I am not alone

November 25, 2015

Recently I had a time when my mental health deteriorated significantly and I was very unwell.Hannah's blog I decided to tell one of my friends what was going on because she was coming over to see me and I knew she might cross paths with one of the nurses (and I’ve learnt from experience the awkwardness this can cause if there is no pre-warning).

The one small thing that helps me

November 18, 2015

I’ll start with “how are you?”.Sophie's blog How are you today? Are you feeling happy? Sad? Tired? Angry even? Many of us will reply with “I’m fine”. But what does that mean? It’s become such as stoic expression that hides how we really feel. Being a person with mental health problems, the word “fine” can hide my anxiety, my thoughts and obsessions. It can hide how I’m feeling in reality.