By sharing my negative experiences, I have been able to educate others

Leanne, February 23, 2021

Lessening stigma around mental health was, and still is, such an important aspect of my life. As a young teenager, my life was chaotic and I was continuously stigmatised by my peers, friends and family. So I knew first-hand the damage that could be done as a result of stigma, and how stifling it can be.

Lucy helps open up the conversation around mental health

Rhys, February 9, 2021

Having lived experience of mental health issues and been on the receiving end of mental health discrimination in the workplace (historical employer), I became a Time to Change Employee Champion when temporarily working for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) as a Mental Health Community Partner.

On leaving the DWP I wanted to continue to champion mental health in the community: becoming a Time to Change Champion and a Pets As Therapy volunteer was a way to achieve this.

I found support through my gaming community

Faris, December 1, 2020

Like many, the pandemic has negatively impacted my mental health. The isolation, along with the gravity of the situation, brought on a sense of panic and helplessness. I’ve felt stuck, living in a world where time no longer seems to exist. The only benefit of limitless time which I’ve found is the opportunity to pinpoint the causes of my anxiety and work through those. But it hasn’t been easy.