Ron saw through my mental illness to the real me

I first met Ron 10 years ago, when we were both hospitalized on a psychiatric ward. It was my first hospitalization for depression, whereas he had schizophrenia and had been hospitalized multiple times before. We connected instantly, despite the strong disapproval of the hospital staff, and formed an intense bond that would last for years.

Mental health shouldn’t be a taboo subject

It's never easy telling someone about your mental health. It's never easy trying to explain the heavy feeling in your chest, the lack of motivation you have, the heavy head and whirlwind of sad thoughts constantly sitting in the back of your head. 

Suicidal feelings

Suicide - when someone intentionally takes their own life - is a very complex issue.

What are suicidal feelings?

People feel suicidal for a variety of reasons, for example:

Personal stories about suicidal feelings

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